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Mood Lift Foods

[Launching February 2021]

About Mood Lift Foods


Where eating for mental health is as commonplace as eating for

your physical health.


Fueled by a registered dietitian, this online platform will provide credible, evidence-based information, focusing on the relationship between diet and mental health.


Through articles, recipes, shopping lists, product features, and more, Mood Lift Foods educates and empowers readers to be active participants in managing their mental wellbeing through the foods they eat.

Why I'm Starting Mood Lift Foods

I have been a proud dietitian for the past 15 years. My career started in a clinical setting, working at some of the top hospitals in Boston. After a couple of years, I decided to pursue my long-term goal of working in communications and went on to earn a master’s degree in Advertising from Boston University.

For the past 10+ years, I have been working in nutrition communications as a writer, editor and marketer for major brands and companies like the Wonderful Company, Aramark, EatingWell, Livestrong and Beachbody. Combining my passion for nutrition and writing has given me a fulfilling career. 

About six years ago, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, mental illnesses I had suffered from for much of my adult life. It was during this time that research investigating the effect diet has on mental health—both positive and negative—began to emerge.


As a dietitian with a personal interest, I closely followed the growing body of evidence. In talking with friends, family and colleagues, I realized the relationship between diet and mental health is largely unknown or misunderstood by the general public and despite all of the emerging research in this area, there’s a lack of credible resources available to consumers that provide solutions and information in a practical way.

This, coupled with the growing incidence of depression and anxiety, spurred me to help fill this void. Mood Lift Foods was born with the vision of helping to create a world where eating for mental health is as commonplace as eating for physical health.

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